How to Advance Moral Character in Islam

MosqueHaving good ethics and behaviors is an essential requisite of our belief and faith—and that takes much thought and exertion. The Beloved Messenger of Allah, Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that the best among you are the greatest in character and behaviors.
Cultivating our character, though, is not at all a relaxed job. One must visit through hard self-discipline, monitoring, and teaching to reform our whole method of thinking and acting. What is decent and good character? How can we perform decent and moral things? The humblest way to response these queries is to look at the Messenger of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) as a perfect precedent. He  ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) is the perfect sample of good personality. Here we would like to discuss tips for developing good character.
1.    Striving.  To strive within yourself to display good character behaviors and refrain from evil ones.  Allah Almighty speaks that Those who struggle for Our sake, we will direct them to Our tracks. Good character is portion of Allah Almighty’s supervision.
2.    Self-assessment.  This indicates to look back on one’s conduct.  Those who pronounce themselves to account advantage from it in all features of their lives.  This is why Allah Almighty swears by the self-reproaching soul in the Holy Quran.  Al-Hasan al-Basrī clarifies that the self-reproaching soul defines the soul of the supporter.
3.    Aspiring for the best.  We should seek to be the best we can be, and this comprises our conduct.  We should look for and even create chances to exhibit good conduct.
4.    Substitution.  We should discover replacements to the bad performance that we exhibit, replacements that allow us to express and grow our good characters. For this purpose, Islamic pilgrimage services from Manchester have been introduced for those Muslims who wish to see holy places.
We are inclined by the persons around us, by our relations, classmates, contemporaries, and friends.  Though, the greatest effect over us is the effect we have upon our own individual personalities, in how we advance and comprehend ourselves, train ourselves and criticize ourselves.  This indicates we need to identify our faults and our faintness as well as our qualities and strengths.


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