Forgiveness in the Eyes of Islam

To forgive means to remit, to pardon or to let off. Forgiveness is state of being forgiven or act of forgiving. Absolution, amnesty, remission, con-donation, mercy, overlooking, exoneration, pardon, acquittal, are its synonyms. By forgiveness we generally realize that a person is able to take retribution for the wrong acted to him but he does not do so.

Compassion is a virtue which is parallel to kindness and mercy. It is one of the greatest characteristics of Allah Almighty. Allah is Merciful, Forgiving, and He pardons the biggest sins of His beings if they regret, turn to Him and ask His Forgiveness sincerely. Those of the persons who approve this attribute of compassion and forgive each other’s blunders have been guaranteed great reward by Allah Almighty in this world and in the Hereafter. Forgiveness does not achievement but honor. A devout person who is able to get revenge or retaliate forgives his foe and thus displays large heartedness and magnanimity. We always seek forgiveness of our sins from Allah Almighty particularly during performance of hajj and Umrah. Many Muslims are now availing special services of Islamic Pilgrimage Tour.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was the most kind and forgiving person. On the day, he ruled Makkah, he pardoned thirteen years of cruel persecution of himself and his friends by the Quresh, though there was none who could stop him from taking retaliation. The Quresh had driven him and his friends from their home town of Makkah and had enforced them to take sanctuary in a distant town of Medina. The Quresh had insistently chased the Muslims in Medina and had waged a nonstop war against the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). But on the day of conquest of Makkah, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) forgave all his opponents. He even pardoned Abu Sufian who was his utmost enemy and had led missions against him. Not only Abu Sufian was excused, but his house was also acknowledged a place of forgiveness for those who entered into it. Abu Sufian’s wife Hind who had masticated liver of Prophet’s uncle Hamzah was also forgiven. What a great forgiveness it was! The history of the world cannot produce another such instance.


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