Role of Ethics in Islamic and Western Business Activities

Morality has paramount and effective impacts on our behavior and thinking. Without following moral values and standards of ethics, life is just like crave of hell. We will see destructions and authority of evil forces. Human life become miserable and unbearable. Thus, Islam has provided a complete system of ethics. We are obliged to follow them in all fields and walks of life. Justice, patience, trustworthy, speaking truth, promoting good and prohibiting bad, fairness and impartiality are some of the important features of morality. Like all other fields, Islam has also given some business ethics for us to follow. Before arrival Islam, many Greek philosophers mentioned the idea of business ethics. Plato spoken about justice in the concept of the Republic and Aristotle had also mentioned trade, commerce, and economic activities in his political ideas. Even Aristotle also denounced the idea of usury. He also promoted implication of justice and equality in all aspects of life. He said that people must deal with each other on the basis equal trading system.

Even Christian thinkers have also discussed this ideology. In the regard, we can speak about Thomas Aquinas, who never promoted and backed the concept of usury. He always promoted honesty and justice. Moreover, John Wesley, Calvin and Luther also discussed the system of trade and commerce. They attached business ethics with religion. But now in a modern system like politics, economic activity has been detached from religion.  But still Islamic business ethics have religious element. There are also some similarities in modern and Islamic concept of business ethics. Discrimination in promotion and hiring, workplace harassment, environmental pollution, conflicts of interest, misuse of business assets are some of them which are similar. Therefore, Muslims living western countries like un England, they enjoy equal rights in business. They have developed business of Islamic pilgrimage services from UK for Muslims. But still there are many different in both systems.


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