Story of the man of caves

No doubt Islam is the religion of the final book of Quran. there is the chapter which called the chapter of Kahaf. This is the eighteen chapter of Quran. There are many virtues of this the time of the prophet he said to read this Surah on Friday then for the next week your sins will be forgiven. When Muslims go for hajj and Umrah they will perform all the true things which belong to it. when they are coming, they want best packages for them which are reliable and economical so some of the people who come to Birmingham they buy Islamic pilgrimage services from Birmingham for Muslims. They also recite the Chapter of the kahaf there. This was the story when there lived a man who was the king. his name was wqayanoos. he had a great kingdom. He acclaimed to be a God. Someone attack his kingdom and he murder he had four sons someone said five or could be six. Now the new king was the king of the room he was very cruel and disobey Islam. Once a big festival was arranged by him. Where they are worshiping idols. they are doing work their but neglection the idols. They know if they preach the message of real god and he is one then the king will have killed them. They are four or someone said 5 and some said they were seven people and one dog is also along with them. Allah showed them the way of the cave where they sleep for many years then after some time they get up and come to the village they are afraid of king. They thought the king will have killed them but when they get up time passed away. this time this was the time of good king who obeys Allah. someone said in the books of history that they went back before the Jesus come. Allah said he gave them to sleep and awake them whenever he wants. he was the best creator.


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