Mosque of Ebrahem Khalil -ul- Allah

Prophets are the blessing which you have and this is the gift of Allah for you, for your kindness, for your love for the reason you can come over with difficulties. Prophet are the great messenger of the Allah who show you the right path and they are pure and innocent and the noble and righteous. Prophet Ebrahem(PBUH) the messenger who called the friend of the Allah. he was the near friend of the Allah. He was the fore father of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who was the last messenger of the Allah and he was in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah and Muslims perform hajj and umrah and remember the time of the Ebrahem when he come with his son Ishmael for the sacrifices. Muslims come every year in the holy places to perform hajj and umrah with the correspondences which are steadfast and cost-effective and these packages are Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah offer with Luxury Hotels with Air Tickets 2017. Ebrahem was buried in his country which is in Palestine. where he is buried there are two side of the mosque one are part for the Jews and one part for the Muslims. This is the place where is the famous cemetery in where the Prophet Ebrahem and his sons are buried. When sala hu deen ayoobi come to conquer this area, he conquers this and make mosque. now this is the mosque where Muslims prayers this is banter the major mosque al -Aqsa. In this cemetery, there are the four graves of the prophets and their wives. Prophet Ebrahem ask to the people and said to them worship only one and great God. he breaks the idols and call for the one and only worship of the Allah. All places where the prophets are and were the positioned of love for the Muslims.


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