Morality standard and Islam

Islamic theories are based on the morality. Because it teaches us how to leave how to stay in the good and better sense for the society. According to the Islam you can say that morality is the human attempt or human behavior that can define what is right and wrong for you and what are the wrong and un-ethical things. This is about what our actions and thoughts and our practices, and what is good and bad about our being who we are where we will go and what we have to do. Islam is the great religion and it teach you about the comprehensive way of life in the depth. Morality is the one great key stone of the Islamic religion. In Islam morality is counted to be a great fundamental of the Islamic revolution in which you will found all and everything. Now a day Muslims society is in the period of decline because there is no morality which can find easily. Immoral things and values lead us the way which is only destruction. Islam is the only religion which can provide you the best and effective system and morality. When Muslims went for hajj and umrah they are moralized because at that time they are following the rules and regulations of islam and they are in a good system of peace. Muslims come all over the world for the Umrah and hajj worships and they come with different source like some package Best 5 star Luxury Hotels Family Umrah Package in Public Holidays with Air Tickets 2017. Morality in Islam is when you will accept the order of Allah like in Quran Allah said that You are the best of the nations who are follower’s pf the Islam and you elevated up for men.  If you are order what is right and prohibit the wrong and trust in God and if the followers of the Book Quran. You believed all things which are from the God and his messenger then you will be in best followers.


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