Ashaab-E-Sufah and Umrah

Umrah is the dream for you. If you are an inordinate Muslim and you follow the rules and you want to go this place, then this is gifted blessing of the God. Makkah and Madinah is the most blessed place for the Muslims. This is greatest special place for the Muslims and they love it. I remember the time when I was in Madinah and Makkah for the Holy Umrah with the great package of the Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Group Umrah Tour in Public Holidays with Air Tickets 2017. This is holiest and sacred journey for me. When I reached the Holy mosque of the God a best and very own home of Allah. I feel so nice and so comfortable at the home of the Allah. Who is the listener and who is the best giver and no one can be like him and when I reached the place of the God and I completed my days in the mosque of the God after that I went for the places where all the sacred things are happened in the past and in the life of the great Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH). There is the blessed battle ground of the Muslims where they fought with the great bravery. They are most beloved and brave Muslims from the blessed army of the Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH). There are so many blessed place like the place where prophet went for the worship. This is the holy cave called Hira which is so sacred by the God. After my visit to the holy land of the Kaaba I went for the Madinah. Yes, this is the second home of the Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH). When I enter the mosque I really feel so amity and love for the prophet amongst the all prophets. He is the blessing for the whole life of the Muslims. After worship in the mosque of the holy land I went for the place of ziarat. There is place which is called the ashaab-e-suffah this is related with the people who were young man’s most of them were not so rich they come and join the prophet for the worship in the night. They are young and they earn money in the time of the day and then in the time of the night they join the prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa for the prayer. They are called the ashaab-e-sufah most blessed young people at that time.


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